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Echocardiography – Ultrasound can be used to determine the source and extent of cardiac pathology. Intra-cardiac pressures and indirect systemic and pulmonary blood pressures can also be assessed.
Therapeutic options are better developed as a result of knowing the extent of the pathology present. Response to therapy can then be measured using the animal as his own control.

Soft tissues - Clients are becoming increasingly aware of advanced diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound and often opt for less invasive testing if given the choice. When combined with various biopsy techniques, a diagnosis can be safely and accurately determined in most cases. Or, you can confidently recommend further treatment or diagnostic procedures based on the information obtained from the ultrasound examination. Some common indications for ultrasound are:

Abdominal Masses Prostatomegaly Persistent Azotemia
Adrenal Glands Splenomegaly Pleural Effusions
Ascites Fetal Demise Porto-systemic Shunts
Core Biopsies Fine Needle Biopsies Pregnancy
Liver Metastasis Check Heart Murmurs Pyometra
Persistent Estrus Hematuria / Straining Recurrent UTI’s
Electrical Alternans Infertility Retrobulbar Masses
Elevated ALT/ALK Phos Jaundice Large Testicles
Hepatomegaly Pancreatitis/Pathology Trauma / Hemorrhage
Cardiomegaly Intramural Intestinal Dz’s Ocular Disorders
Heart murmurs Congenital Heart Defects Coughing

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